When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not support itself, and God does not take care to support it so that its professors are obliged to call for help of the civil power, 'tis a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.

                           Benjamin Franklin

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Americans for Religious Liberty:
Executive Officers

Jump to Edd Doerr - President
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President: Americans for Religious Liberty (current); Executive Director: Americans for Religious Liberty (1982-present); Senior Editor: Voice of Reason newsletter. Writer, editor, publisher, lecturer.

Organizations: President: American Humanist Association, 1995-2003. Board Member: National Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice; Member: Phi Delta Kappa; Horace Mann League.

Professional Background: Editor of Church & State magazine (1970-1982); previously teacher of history, government, Spanish, English, science and math in public and private schools in United States and Colombia.

Books by Edd Doerr

Here I Stand (2006)
Somebody Has to Say It (a collection of letters and essays) (2004)
My Life as a Humanist, a Memoir (2004)
Rejoyce, Rejoyce! (a collection of poems) (2004)
Great Quotations on Religious Freedom (with Albert J. Menendez) (1991, 2002)
The Case Against Charitable Choice (2001) (with Albert J. Menendez)
Six Stories and Seventy Poems (2001)
Cómo Mantener la Cordura en un Mundo Loco (Spanish translation by Herenia and Edd Doerr of Sherwin Wine¹s Staying Sane in a Crazy World) (2000)
Vox Populi: Letters to the Editor (1999)
Timely and Timeless: The Wisdom of E. Burdette Backus (Editor) (1998)
The Case Against School Vouchers (with Albert J. Menendez and John M. Swomley) (1995)
Religious Liberty and the State Constitutions (with Albert J. Menendez) (1993)
Catholic Schools: The Facts (1993, 2000)
Dancing on the Wall (poetry) (1993)
Religion and Public Education: Common Sense and the Law (with Albert J. Menendez) (1991)
Church Schools and Public Money: The Politics of Parochiaid (with Albert J. Menendez) (1991)
Images (poetry) (1991)
Abortion Rights and Fetal ŒPersonhood¹ (with James W. Prescott) (1989, 1990)
Religious Liberty in Crisis (1988)
A Hitch in Time and Other Tales (fiction) (1988)
Dear Editor (1988)
Parochiaid and the Law (1975)
Eden II (fiction) (1974)
The Conspiracy That Failed (1968)

Sections in ten books on school finance, religious liberty and other topics, articles and book reviews in Liberty, Education Digest, The Humanist, Tennessee Teacher, Minnesota Teacher, Valparaiso University Law Review, Free Inquiry, Baltimore Sun, USA Today, Unitarian Universalist World, Religious Humanism, Journal of Church and State, etc.

Chapters in Books (partial list)

"The Importance of Church-State Separation and Its Prospects," in Toward a New Political Humanism, edited by Barry Seidman and Neil Murphy, Prometheus Books, 2004.

"Celebrating Humanism," in A Life of Courage: Sherwin Wine and Humanistic Judaism, compiled by Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Harry T. Cook, and Marilyn Rowens, The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism, 2003.

"Religion and Public Education," in Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Educational Issues, edited by James Wm. Noll, McGraw-Hill, 2003.

"Religion and Government," in The Humanist Way, edited by N. Innaiah and G.R.R. Babu, Hema Publications, Chirala, India, 1994.

"Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religion," in Civil Liberties: Opposing Viewpoints, edited by David L. Bender and Bruno Leone, Greenhaven Press, 1994.

"Church-State Separation: Endangered Species," in The Book Your Church Doesn¹t Want You to Read, edited by Tim C. Leedom, Kendall-Hunt, 1993.

"Public Schools Should Not Allow Formal Prayer" (with al Menendez), in Education in America, edited by David L. Bender and Bruno Leone, Greenhaven Press, 1992.

"Church-State Separation and Freedom of Conscience," in Building a World Community, edited by Paul Kurtz, Prometheus Books, 1989.

"The People Speak: Parochiaid and the Voters," in Church and State in American History, edited by John F. Wilson and Donald L. Drakeman, Bearon Press, 1987.

"Reprogramming Funds for United States Mission to the Vatican," statement to hearing of the Committee on Appropriation of the House of Representatives, February 9, 1984, on behalf of Americans for Religious Liberty, the Unitarian Universalist Association, the American Ethical Union, the American Humanist Association, and the Council for Secular Humanism.

Testimony on appointment of Robert Destro to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, in Hearings before the Committee of the Judiciary: United States Senate, Serial No. J-97-52, 1982.

"Transcendental Meditation Goes to School," in The Best of Church & State, edited by Albert J. Menendez, Americans United, 1975.

"Public Funds and Nonpublic Schools," in School Finance in Transition, National Educational Finances Project and Institute for Educational Finance, Gainesville, 1973.

"Implications of Supreme Court Decisions for Public Aid to Parochial Schools," in Constitutional Reform of School Finance, edited by Kern Alexander and K. Forbis Jordan, National Educational Finance Project, 1972.

Activities: Numerous television and radio talk show appearances; addresses at conferences, churches, synagogues, universities and student groups.

Involved in numerous U.S. Supreme Court cases on religious liberty issues; organized Supreme Court brief on abortion rights representing Nobel laureates and other scientists; coordinated successful state referendum campaign against tax aid for sectarian private schools; testified at congressional and state legislative hearings.

Involved in blocking U.S. intervention in the Nigerian Civil War (1967-70).

Biographical Information

Research Director: Americans for Religious Liberty (1990-present); Editor: Voice of Reason newsletter. Writer, editor.

Professional Background: Associate Editor of Church & State magazine. Consultant to ABC News (1978, 1980 elections) and NBC News (1988 election).

Organizational Membership: Author's Guild.


Great Quotations on Religious Freedom (with Edd Doerr) (2002, 1991)
The Case Against Charitable Choice (with Edd Doerr) (2001)
Joy to the World (with Shirley C. Menendez) (2001)
South Carolina Trivia (with Shirley C. Menendez) (2001, 1997)
Christmas Songs Made in America (with Shirley C. Menendez) (1999)
Who Goes to Nonpublic Schools? - A Monograph (1998)
The Red Mass - A Monograph (1997)
Three Voices of Extremism (1997)
The Perot Voters and the Future of American Politics (1996)
The Case Against School Vouchers (with Edd Doerr and John M. Swomley) (1996)
Church and State in Canada (1996)
Evangelicals at the Ballot Box (1996)
Home Schooling: The Facts (1996)
New Jersey Trivia (with Shirley C. Menendez (1994)
Abortion Rights at the Polls (1993)
Religious Liberty and State Constitutions (with Edd Doerr (1993)
Visions of Reality: What Fundamentalist Schools Teach (1993)
The December Wars: Religious Symbols and Ceremonies in the Public Square (1993)
Maryland Trivia (with Shirley C. Menendez) (1992)
Religion and Public Education: Common Sense and the Law (with Edd Doerr) (1991)
Church Schools and Public Money: The Politics of Parochiaid (with Edd Doerr) (1991)
The Subject is Murder -- Volume One (1986), Volume Two (1990)
The Catholic Novel (1988)
The December Dilemma (1988)
No Religious Test (1987)
Religion and the U.S. Presidency (1986)
Civil War Novels (1986)
The Road to Rome (1986)
School Prayer and Other Issues in American Public Education (1985)
Religious Conflict in America (1985)
Christmas in the White House (1983)
The Dream Lives On (with Glenn L. Archer) (1982)
Mistletoe Malice (1982)
John F. Kennedy: Catholic and Humanist (1979)
Classics of Religious Liberty (1978)
Religion at the Polls (1977)
The Origins of Religious Liberty (1976)
Church-State Relations: An Annotated Bibliography (1976)
The American Political Quiz Book (1975)
The Best of Church and State (Editor) (1975)
Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book (1975)
The Bitter Harvest: Church and State in Northern Ireland (1974)

Chapters in Books

"Religious Political Parties," in John M. Swomley, Religious Political Parties (1994)
"The Reform Party 1992-2000," in History of U.S. Political Parties (2002)


Many publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Christianity Today, The Humanist, U.S. Catholic, Living Church, Liberty, Phi Delta Kappan, USA Today.

Radio and Television Appearances; addresses at conferences and universities; testimony before Congress (1982) and Maryland Assembly (1974)

Americans for Religious Liberty - P.O.Box 6656 - Silver Spring, MD 20916
Telephone: 301-460-1111 - Email: arlinc@verizon.net